Saturday, April 2, 2011

...and less days like these.

I picked up this "How I Am Feeling" kit thingy yesterday. It comes with a magnet board and a ton of different words to describe how i'm feeling. I guess it's sort of like self-therapy. Yesterday the board had all kinds of happy and loving words on it. Today, not so much. Kota's at his dads and I always worry that he'll decide to not give him back. It makes me nervous and worried. But I always get him back at the end of the day. I like days that I have all to myself, but i'd always much rather have my babycakes with me! ♥
So these are my "feelings" on the board today:

In an hour or so i'm going to lunch and a movie with some friends to get my mind off things. And make time go by faster. The faster my little boy is back home, the happier i'll be!

I'll probably do a little shopping for Alex too. :-)