Saturday, April 2, 2011

...and less days like these.

I picked up this "How I Am Feeling" kit thingy yesterday. It comes with a magnet board and a ton of different words to describe how i'm feeling. I guess it's sort of like self-therapy. Yesterday the board had all kinds of happy and loving words on it. Today, not so much. Kota's at his dads and I always worry that he'll decide to not give him back. It makes me nervous and worried. But I always get him back at the end of the day. I like days that I have all to myself, but i'd always much rather have my babycakes with me! ♥
So these are my "feelings" on the board today:

In an hour or so i'm going to lunch and a movie with some friends to get my mind off things. And make time go by faster. The faster my little boy is back home, the happier i'll be!

I'll probably do a little shopping for Alex too. :-)

Friday, April 1, 2011

I need more days like today...

The past few days have been so stressful for me. I really don't even want to get into it on here. But last night I finally broke down and cried. Hard. A lot. I finally fell asleep and this morning things didn't seem so bad. I felt a lot better. Today was a new day, and I had to make it a good one! So I decided to take Kota to the beach! It was the first time either of us had been to the beach this year. It's been storming all week, so the water was kind of nasty looking. But it felt good outside and the water wasn't as cold as I thought it would be!

The beach was pretty much empty! It was nice to walk up and down the beach in the water, just me and my babycakes. ♥ It was relaxing! When we got home we had lunch and then Kota took a nap. When he got up he helped me do laundry (in his own crazy toddler way lol) and then we played outside. Now he's out spending some time with his aunt and grandma. I'll probably get dinner made and enjoy some "mommy alone time". :-)

Monday, March 28, 2011

I need a break.

I think i'm going to take the whole week off of school this week. It was just going to be today, but i'm so stressed out. It's finals week, and that means i'll miss both classes tests. I went over my allowed "absent" hours, so that withdrew me from one class. I don't get a failing grade, I just don't get any grade at all and I have to re-take it. In the other class I have an A as a grade, and by missing the final it will bring me down to a B, possibly C, but I wont have to retake it.

The whole situation with my ex (Alex's dad) is just really stressing me out. He's moving out this Thursday when his mom comes to get him. I wish he could just leave now, but he has no where to go and i'm too much of a softy to make him stay on the streets. But he's really pushing it. He told me last night that he's already made plans to take Alex to TN to visit his family a few months after he's born. I told him he was out of his damn mind if he thinks i'm going to let him take my baby to another state!
Plus he assumes that i'm going to let him take Alex every weekend to his mom's house where they're compulsive chain smokers and pot smokers (IN THE HOUSE!!!). His family does nothing but argue and yell at each other. There's no way in hell i'm letting my baby boy go over there! I told him that if he wants to visit Alex then he's more than welcome to do so IN MY HOUSE. He said that his mom is already buying a crib and getting a room ready just for Alex. She shouldn't waste her money since there is no way in hell he's going over there. His whole family is psycho, and now i'm starting to see that he is too.
When he was packing his things, he said he's taking all of Alex's clothes with him because that's where Alex will be most of the time (with him). He didn't even buy 90% of the clothes Alex has! I & my parents bought it all! Why would I let him take all the stuff that he doesn't even own?!
Not even counting the fact that I plan on breastfeeding this child. You just can't pack up a newborn and decide to take a road trip every few days (his mom, and now him, live in a city about an hour/hour and a half away). There's no way I could pump enough milk to last that long anyway. And I refuse to suppliment with formula (nothing wrong with formula, Kota was a Similac baby and he's a happy healthy smartypants kid!).

This whole situation is just getting to me. I still have to schedule my c-section and i'm undecided on if I want Alex's dad to be there or not. I know I don't want his family anywhere near me. I guess i'll just let him come in for the surgery, sign the birth certificate, and then he's got to go.

So thats why i'm taking a week off school. I just need to do a lot of thinking about how this is all going to happen and what I want done. I have 2 months till the birth of my little boy. I didn't think it'd be this stressful!

On a happier note:
Over the weekend I took Kota to the 'Touch A Truck' event at a local park. He loves firetrucks, so the oppertunity to actually be on one almost made him explode!

There were all kinds of other big trucks there too, and police vehicles, and an ambulance. But the highlight of his day was definitly the firetruck! Seeing how happy he was made me happy. :-)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Single momma's unite!

So i'm officially a single mommy  now. For months i've been telling my boyfriend (Alex's dad) that things aren't working between us. But being the psycho delusional guy he is, he would never listen to me. So today, again, I sat him down and told him I was unhappy and that things weren't working between us. So he simply said "Ok, i'll move out this weekend". He came home after work today, got his shit, and left. Easy as that. I was kind of taken back at how easy it was for him to just leave. He was nothing but a bum who mooched off me and my parents anyway. He moved into my house without being asked and never paid a single bill. He had me and my parents paying for everything for him, even though he was working fulltime. I've had enough. I'm glad he's gone. It's just strange being here by myself. Well, just me and my little boy.
I think tomorrow i'm going to go to my first movie by myself. I've never been to the movie theater alone. But I really REALLY want to see Sucker Punch! No one else wants to see it, so fuck it, i'll go by myself!

And now you all my bask in the glory of my giant preggo belly:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Coastal Scents 88 palette & day with my babycakes ♥

Kota's dad wasn't available to watch him while I was in class today; so I took the day off. I planned on taking him to the beach for a little while, but we accidentally slept in! Kota got up at 7 and made himself comfortable again in my bed, and we ended up sleeping untill 11! It was nice. ♥ Instead of the beach, we went to my mom's house to visit her and now my babycakes is napping on my bed next to me. :-) I love lazy days like these. I need more of them...

I finally got my Coastal Scents 88 palette after ordering it about 3 weeks ago! Although I think shipping was a little slow, I have nothing but good things to say about this palette!!! The colors are so vivid and pigmented!

Yesterday I used the palette to do a pretty neutral look. Kind of a tan/mauve smokey look. I put my makeup on before class and about 7 hours later, it still looked like I had just done it! They staying power is impressive! The colors you see in the picture will look the same when you put them on your eyes. I just can't get over how pigmented these shadows are! And they go on so smooth! I usually wet my eyeshadow brush to make shadows creamier and brighter. I didn't have to do that with these colors!

I'm sure i'm like, the last person in the world to get this palette. But thats okay. I'm happy I finally have it. I don't think i'll have to buy any more shadows for a while! If you don't already own a Coastal Scents palette, get one ASAP!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back to the park!

I took Kota back to the park this afternoon. I'm so glad that I did because I got some wonderful pics of him!! The following 3 are my favorites from this afternoon. I think tomorrow i'm going to go have them printed out and framed. I'll get some copies made for Kota's dad and a few other family members too. :-)

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!!

He doesn't really know how to ride the tricycle. Atleast not foreward, haha! He can peddle it backwards, but can't get the hang of going forewards!! He pushes it like a scooter. He was worn out when I got him home. He had dinner, a snack, a bath and then passed out! I really need to take him to the park more often. He's so happy when we go. He really likes playing in the leaves!

Friday, March 18, 2011

For Maddie ♥

In memory of Kellie & James' little girl Maddie, I took Kota to play outside at the park yesterday and enjoy the fresh air. Go figure, that once we got there, I realized I forgot my camera. I got a cute pic of him with my cellphone though! He was running across the board walk to the play area.

We didn't stay long. I had to get to class and Kota had to go to his dad's house. I really need to start taking him to the park more. He loves it. I don't know why we don't go more often, it's right around the corner from my house! I can't wait till the water in the hose is warmer so he can play in the sprinkler. The weather feels nice, but the water in the hose is still ice cold!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St Patty's Day nails!

**If you're wondering how to do Water Marbel Nails, just goto YouTube and search for water marbel nails how to!**

I wanted to do something creative with greens for St Patrick's Day. After a quick trip to Ulta, I had what I needed!

Then I just used things I found in my kitchen! Small plastic bowl, skewer stick and water! I used the 'Water Marbeling' technique.

The completed product on my nails came out like this:

I love how each nail has a different pattern. I've seen a lot of people go for the same design on each nail. But I think it's fun to have each one be unique!
And yes, I know there is a mess of polish on my skin around my nails. Which leads me to this quick review of Sally Hansen's 'No More Mistakes' manicure clean-up pen...

I didn't take a picture of the pen itself because I didn't feel like digging it out of the trash can. I bought this thinking it was a fantastic idea. And I still think it is. But when I got it home and tried to use it, it was dry. I read the directions and it said just uncap the pen and rub lightly to remove polish mistakes. There was no nail polish remover in the pen! It was bone-dry!! I thought I could pour a little of my own polish remover into the pen and just put the end back on it and use it that way. FAIL! I did that and stuck the tip back on it but once I flipped it back over, the polish remover flowed out. I tried shoving the tip in tighter, but it was in as far as it'd go. I used what little was left on the tip on one finger, and then it was dry again and not working. $5 wasted on this piece of garbage!
My advice: just dip q-tips in polish remover and do it that way. Don't waste your money on this stupid thing.
Now i'm off to go put my q-tip method to use. What I can't get off with the q-tips will come off when I do dishes and shower!

**If you're wondering how to do Water Marbel Nails, just goto YouTube and search for water marbel nails how to!**

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

OPI Vs. China Glaze

I went to Ulta this morning to pick up another EOS lipbalm (I love the Passion Fruit one so much, I had to get another!). I not only got the new lipbalm, but I saw that China Glaze had a new collection of polishes out. They're called the Crackles. Similar to OPI's Black Shatter, but the CG Crackles come in multiple colors! 6 total!!

I got the light blue color. It's called Crushed Candy, and it reminds me of CG's "For Audrey" polish. The  next time i'm in Ulta I think I may get the grey or white color also.

The obvious differance, that I can see, between the two polishes, is the amount you have to use. With OPI's Shatter you have to put on a generous amount to get a good Shatter going on. So of course I figured i'd have to do the same with the Crackle. When I put a generous amount of the Crackle on, it barely cracked at all! After watching a few reviews on YouTube about the polish, I learned that you have to put on a thinner coat of CG's Crackle to make a decent crack!
I'd have to say that it's China Glaze Crackle for the win! Using less polish to get the crackle effect is better than having to drown my nails in polish just to get the shattered look. Plus the Crackles come in 6 different colors!!

While at Ulta I also picked up my EOS Lemon Drop (like I said above) and OPI's Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection.


I haven't tried the Teenage Dream polish yet. I'm going to wear the Crackle for a while, probably till the weekend, and then switch over to Teenage Dream. Maybe i'll see how it looks with Black Shatter over it.
I had  to get another EOS lipbalm. I use the Passion Fruit one every day and I love it! The only other two they had at Ulta were the Lemon Drop or the Mint Chocolate Chip. I'm not big on mint, so lemon was my next choice. I love this one just as much as the passion fruit!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Today I realized that I really don't have any pics of me and my big ol' pregnant self! This weekend i'm thinking of having a friend take some amature maternity pics of me at the park. I took this one myself in my yard, haha! This is what I wore to my OB check-up this morning. I wont lie, i'm being a big hipocrit in this outfit. I'm 100% against wearing leggings as pants. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! But i'm pregnant, and they're sooo comfy. So maternity leggings are most definitly pants. :-P

The appointment went well. Tomorrow I have to go back and do my blood glucose 1 hour test. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Kota. Hopefully this time I won't have it! Go easy on me baby Alex!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clothing haul time!

Over the past two weeks i've gotten quite a few new pieces of clothing! I went to Kohls, Forever21, Charlotte Russe and Motherhood Maternity! I also got the two shirts I ordered from Hot Topic online!! I figured it was time for me to get new Spring/Summer clothes to accomodate my ever growing baby belly!
Picture time!!


I am so in love with this pinky coral-ly color!! I got another t-shirt in this color from Kohls, but it's in the wash because Kota got it messy when we went out to dinner last night, lol! I think the first top is so perfect for Spring! I love the color and the little flowers. When I tried it on in the dressing room, my belly looked like a giant Easter egg!! Hehe!


These two are just comfy, slouchy shirts! Well, except for the top one. I'm sure it's supposed to be slouchy, but on my gigantor belly, its tight. Still cute though! The "Lover not a fighter" shirt is kind of a crop top, so I have to wear a white tank top underneath it. I really love the grey/florescent yellow color combo of the first top! It's also not heavy like a sweater, it's really light-weight thin material. So I can wear it when it's warm out and not sweat my ass off!

Charlotte Russe

The top picture of the dress is pretty crappy, I know. I think the flash was reflecting off the beading and sparklies at the top of the dress. But you get the idea of what it looks like. The second picture is so you can get a better look at the detailing around the neck. So gorgeous!! Charlotte Russe was having a "Happy Hour" sale and for 1 hour, all their dresses were $15! What a deal!!! This particular dress was originally $32. So $15 is a steal!!


I also got these shoes & sunglasses from Charlotte Russe. I saw these shoes on the sale rack for half off. Originally $35 (I believe, I already wore them and wore the price sticker off the bottom of them off!!). They were the last pair of that style and I wanted them soooo bad! I was shocked when they were actually my size! It was fate! I think these shoes have officially won the top spot in my shoe collection!
The sunglasses are your basic big ol' bugg-eye sunglasses! They have rhinestones on the sides, you can kind of see them in the pic.

Motherhood Maternity

I really like the blue colors of the first top. It reminds me of the beach and the ocean! The only problem I have with it, is the tight band around the middle kind of puffs out the bottom of the shirt and makes my belly look even bigger than it already is! Still a cute shirt though! :-)
I wont lie, the dress in the second pic kind of looks grandma-ish. But I swear, it's sooo much cuter when it's actually on. It especially looks cute with the shoes from Charlotte Russe! I wanted a flowy, floral dress for Spring. This is it!

I've been checking the two Hot Topic's in my area for the Ray William Johnson t-shirts, but none of them carry it! So I ordered one off the website, along with a Hello Kitty shirt (2 for $28!). They arrived in the mail earlier this week. I already wore both of them, so they're in the wash, but here are the stock pictures of the shirts from the website:

Ray William Johnson i =3 Grey Girls T-Shirt Sku 185066
I had to get them in the size XL to accomodate my baby belly, lol!

I also went to Victorias Secret and got some new Pink panties (5 for $25!). I wont post pics of those though, i'm sure no one cares to see my undies, lol! From VS I also got the Beach Sexy instant self tan lotion. I'll probably start using it tonight after my shower, so i'll write a review about it tomorrow. It says a natural-looking tan develops in hours. I hope so!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Let the countdown begin!

A 'looking down' view of my belly. Hello down there, baby! ♥

Only 99  more days till my c-section and baby Alex will be here! I get more and more nervous every day! The whole idea of having another c-section, and him finally being out. I'll be a mommy to a newborn again! Hopefully Kota will adjust quickly!! I'm sure he'll be a great big brother!!
Kota's napping right now, but once he gets up we're going to Once Upon A Child. I'm going to get him some new summer clothes and try to find a swing for Alex.

I didn't find a swing I liked at OUAC. I ended up going to Babies R Us. They had a really cute Graco swing on sale. It was the display model. It was originally $150, it was on sale for $96. I really liked it and decided to get it. At the register the woman scanned it and it actually came up $69!!! Awesomeness!!! :-D Once I got it home Kota was really excited and wanted to try it out. I let him get in it and swing for a few minutes. When I finally made him get out he threw a fit! I don't have anywhere else to keep the swing since Alex's room hasn't been built yet, so it's hanging out in Kota's closet for now.

My big boy lookin adorable in his little brother's swing!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My chubby faced angel!

After his bath, my BabyCakes♥ was looking out his bedroom window at the kids walking home from school with their mommies & daddies. I live down the road from an elementry school. He loves watching the kids walk down the sidewalk infront of the house. I always think about how soon i'll get to walk him to school. Sooner than I think... *tear*

I love that chubby little baby face!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I had to share his cuteness with the world, lol!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Makeup haul & new camera!

(L to R: OPI Black Shatter, Maybelline Eyestudio, Cover Girl Nature Luxe, Maybelline FIT Me!, Hard Candy Ginormous Lash Mascara)

First let me say i've been looking for the OPI Shatter nailpolish since FOREVER! I finally have it, and I love it! It dries so quickly, the shatter happens as soon as you put the polish on! I'm currently wearing it over Pure Ice's Hot Tamale.

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner: I've never used a gel liner before, so I was kind of worried about spending my money on something I wasn't sure if id even be decent at using. But I went ahead and got it anyway. You won't know until you go, right? It turns out i'm better at using gel liner than I am at using liquid liner! Hooray! Like I said, this is the first gel liner i've tried, so I can't compair it to anything. But the one thing I noticed is it's staying power. I put it on early in the AM, and by the time I got home later that night it still looked like I had just put it on. It's smooth and easy to put on. I'm definitly using this from now on instead of liquid liner!!

Cover Girl Nature Luxe: I got this tinted lip balm in the color Tulip. For some reason I really like the smell of it. It smells kind of sweet! Not that smell is a big seller for me, I just happened to notice the scent, lol! The color this balm gives my lips is wonderful! It's a nice hint of pink without being too bright or over-bearing! It's also pretty glossy. My only complaint is that the balm itself is thin. You don't get a whole lot of product in the tube.

Maybelline FIT Me! Foundation: I never wear foundation. Not because I have amazingly perfect skin, but because every one I would try felt so heavy and cakey on my face. I've read so many great reviews, and seen many on youtube, about this foundation. I had to give it a try! Let me just say, I LOVE IT! It feels weightless on my skin!!! It gives great coverage, goes on smoothly and blends so well! I'm not sure if I like the dewey look it gives, i'm pretty indifferent about it I suppose. But I am so happy I purchased this foundation. It's the first decent one i've tried in a loooong time!! I'm in the shade # 115 (hey, I haven't started tanning yet, hehe!). It's the perfect shade for me, it matches so well! I definitly recommend this for anyone who's looking for a great light-weight foundation.

Hard Candy ginormous Lash Mascara: I've only been using this for two days, so I can't say much about it so far (growth wise). This mascara claims it's "infused with growth serum". As a general mascara, it kind of sucks. It doesn't make my lashes longer or more defined. They pretty much look the same, with or without the mascara on. I'm going to give it 2 weeks to see if my lashes 'grow' at all.

On a non-makeup related note: I GOT A NEW DIGI CAM! *does a happy dance*

It's a pink Sanyo! I really wanted it because it was 14 mega pixels, which way better than my old camera. I was initially looking at the Canon Cool Pix camera, but it was only 12 mega pixels, and more expensive! I'm going to be taking pictures of everything, so watch out!

I also got a hair cut! It was just about 2 inches. I got my layers re-done. Tomorrow i'm dying it dark brown. Right now it's brown with blonde-ish highlights. Plus about an inch and a half of my roots are showing! I just want it all one color. I'll post pics once im done!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Preparing for Baby Alex!

I went to Walmart today because they had a crib on sale and I wanted to see what it looked like. It turns out it's a crib AND changing table set! It was the color I wanted too!! So now i'm the proud owner of a new crib and changing table for Baby Alex! :-D

(this pic is from the box, not of what the actual nursery looks like lol!)

And of course big brother had to help grandpa push the crib out to the truck! He's such a good little helper!! ♥ ♥  I can't wait for Alex to arrive! BabyCakes is going to be such an awesome big brother!!

Back to class tomorrow! We're drawing blood again. I'm not as nervous as I was last time. I already did it once on someone and the instructor said I did it like a pro! So this second time should be easy peasy!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Millions of Lashes?

I picked up L'Oreal's Voluminous Million Lashes mascara yesterday. I wouldn't exactly say it gives you millions of lashes, but it is a pretty good mascara! It seperates all your lashes with NO CLUMPS! Yes, I said it, no clumps. It's not a lenghtening mascara or anything, but it definitly does improve the look of my lashes. If I don't put on any masacara, it looks like I have no lashes at all.

Not the best before & after, but you can see that I barely have any visible lashes at all! :-( I really like this masacara, especially how it seperates my lashes and defines each one!
Before class yesterday I paired it with Maybelline's Falsies mascara and my lashes looked AH-MAY-ZING! I think i've finally found the perfect mascara pair for me! <3

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trip to Ulta + Sally's

Before class I took a quick trip to Ulta to try and find OPI's Black Shatter nail polish. Of course they were sold out. So while I was there I picked up an EOS chapstick and some China Glaze polish i've been looking for for a while. I've been looking for a Tiffany blue color, and someone recommended For Audrey.

I did a 'test nail' and I really like how the color looks! I put on one coat of polish and that seemed to be enough. I put on a second coat anyway. It's so smooth and glossy!

I got the EOS chapstick (lipgloss?) in Passion Fruit. I've been using it all day! It smells (and tastes) divine! Its not sticky at all. And so far, it's super moisturizing!

Right next door to Ulta is Sally's Beauty Supply. I walked over there thinking maybe they'd have to OPI polish I was looking for. It turns out they don't even sell OPI brand polish! While I was looking around though I found some adorable little polishes. They're Sally's Girl brand (store brand). I picked out a hot pink (more like Day-Glo pink!) and a pretty silvery/pink glitter polish to go over it. I figured it would look cute for Valentines Day. I also got a little bottle of cuticle oil. Its made with orange blossom oil and it smells sooooo good!

The camera made the sparkles look black, but its super sparkly, I swear! The only problem I have with the Sally's Girl nail polish is the pink polish is really matte. I thought it'd be even just a little shiney, but its very very matte. Which is okay because i'm putting the glittery clear polish on top of it.

I had another mid-term at school today. We had to draw blood. Easy peasy! I finished pretty quickly and got to leave early. So I went and had my eyebrows waxed. I was way over-due for a brow wax! The lady who did it made them a little bit thinner than usual, but it looks pretty good.