Friday, February 11, 2011

Millions of Lashes?

I picked up L'Oreal's Voluminous Million Lashes mascara yesterday. I wouldn't exactly say it gives you millions of lashes, but it is a pretty good mascara! It seperates all your lashes with NO CLUMPS! Yes, I said it, no clumps. It's not a lenghtening mascara or anything, but it definitly does improve the look of my lashes. If I don't put on any masacara, it looks like I have no lashes at all.

Not the best before & after, but you can see that I barely have any visible lashes at all! :-( I really like this masacara, especially how it seperates my lashes and defines each one!
Before class yesterday I paired it with Maybelline's Falsies mascara and my lashes looked AH-MAY-ZING! I think i've finally found the perfect mascara pair for me! <3