Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trip to Ulta + Sally's

Before class I took a quick trip to Ulta to try and find OPI's Black Shatter nail polish. Of course they were sold out. So while I was there I picked up an EOS chapstick and some China Glaze polish i've been looking for for a while. I've been looking for a Tiffany blue color, and someone recommended For Audrey.

I did a 'test nail' and I really like how the color looks! I put on one coat of polish and that seemed to be enough. I put on a second coat anyway. It's so smooth and glossy!

I got the EOS chapstick (lipgloss?) in Passion Fruit. I've been using it all day! It smells (and tastes) divine! Its not sticky at all. And so far, it's super moisturizing!

Right next door to Ulta is Sally's Beauty Supply. I walked over there thinking maybe they'd have to OPI polish I was looking for. It turns out they don't even sell OPI brand polish! While I was looking around though I found some adorable little polishes. They're Sally's Girl brand (store brand). I picked out a hot pink (more like Day-Glo pink!) and a pretty silvery/pink glitter polish to go over it. I figured it would look cute for Valentines Day. I also got a little bottle of cuticle oil. Its made with orange blossom oil and it smells sooooo good!

The camera made the sparkles look black, but its super sparkly, I swear! The only problem I have with the Sally's Girl nail polish is the pink polish is really matte. I thought it'd be even just a little shiney, but its very very matte. Which is okay because i'm putting the glittery clear polish on top of it.

I had another mid-term at school today. We had to draw blood. Easy peasy! I finished pretty quickly and got to leave early. So I went and had my eyebrows waxed. I was way over-due for a brow wax! The lady who did it made them a little bit thinner than usual, but it looks pretty good.