Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tea for me!

Has anyone else tried this? I was in the store looking for the Naked juice and couldn't find it, so I picked this out instead. It was sooooo good! I may just get one every day! All i've been wanting lately is Brisk Lemon Tea, now I think i've found a replacement! This is a bit more expensive, but so good! So worth it!

School was eh... We had a mid-term that I bombed, horribly. I won't lie, I didn't study. I tried to cram a half hour before the test. I still failed. I probably would have done worse if I wouldn't have cramed at all. Thats no excuse though. At least I got to leave class early once I was done with my test. I came home and had lunch, watched ANTM reruns and then picked up my Babycakes. ♥

While I was writing this blog Babycakes climbed up on the bed behind me and decided to play stylist.

He's so cute lol! I turned on my webcam while he was doing it and took a pic. Once he realized the webcam was on and he could see me on the computer too, he went nuts! He'd look at the screen and say "Mama?!?!?!" and then look back and me and say "MAMA!!!!!!" and then go back and forth.

I love my goober-butt!!