Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clothing haul time!

Over the past two weeks i've gotten quite a few new pieces of clothing! I went to Kohls, Forever21, Charlotte Russe and Motherhood Maternity! I also got the two shirts I ordered from Hot Topic online!! I figured it was time for me to get new Spring/Summer clothes to accomodate my ever growing baby belly!
Picture time!!


I am so in love with this pinky coral-ly color!! I got another t-shirt in this color from Kohls, but it's in the wash because Kota got it messy when we went out to dinner last night, lol! I think the first top is so perfect for Spring! I love the color and the little flowers. When I tried it on in the dressing room, my belly looked like a giant Easter egg!! Hehe!


These two are just comfy, slouchy shirts! Well, except for the top one. I'm sure it's supposed to be slouchy, but on my gigantor belly, its tight. Still cute though! The "Lover not a fighter" shirt is kind of a crop top, so I have to wear a white tank top underneath it. I really love the grey/florescent yellow color combo of the first top! It's also not heavy like a sweater, it's really light-weight thin material. So I can wear it when it's warm out and not sweat my ass off!

Charlotte Russe

The top picture of the dress is pretty crappy, I know. I think the flash was reflecting off the beading and sparklies at the top of the dress. But you get the idea of what it looks like. The second picture is so you can get a better look at the detailing around the neck. So gorgeous!! Charlotte Russe was having a "Happy Hour" sale and for 1 hour, all their dresses were $15! What a deal!!! This particular dress was originally $32. So $15 is a steal!!


I also got these shoes & sunglasses from Charlotte Russe. I saw these shoes on the sale rack for half off. Originally $35 (I believe, I already wore them and wore the price sticker off the bottom of them off!!). They were the last pair of that style and I wanted them soooo bad! I was shocked when they were actually my size! It was fate! I think these shoes have officially won the top spot in my shoe collection!
The sunglasses are your basic big ol' bugg-eye sunglasses! They have rhinestones on the sides, you can kind of see them in the pic.

Motherhood Maternity

I really like the blue colors of the first top. It reminds me of the beach and the ocean! The only problem I have with it, is the tight band around the middle kind of puffs out the bottom of the shirt and makes my belly look even bigger than it already is! Still a cute shirt though! :-)
I wont lie, the dress in the second pic kind of looks grandma-ish. But I swear, it's sooo much cuter when it's actually on. It especially looks cute with the shoes from Charlotte Russe! I wanted a flowy, floral dress for Spring. This is it!

I've been checking the two Hot Topic's in my area for the Ray William Johnson t-shirts, but none of them carry it! So I ordered one off the website, along with a Hello Kitty shirt (2 for $28!). They arrived in the mail earlier this week. I already wore both of them, so they're in the wash, but here are the stock pictures of the shirts from the website:

Ray William Johnson i =3 Grey Girls T-Shirt Sku 185066
I had to get them in the size XL to accomodate my baby belly, lol!

I also went to Victorias Secret and got some new Pink panties (5 for $25!). I wont post pics of those though, i'm sure no one cares to see my undies, lol! From VS I also got the Beach Sexy instant self tan lotion. I'll probably start using it tonight after my shower, so i'll write a review about it tomorrow. It says a natural-looking tan develops in hours. I hope so!