Tuesday, March 8, 2011

OPI Vs. China Glaze

I went to Ulta this morning to pick up another EOS lipbalm (I love the Passion Fruit one so much, I had to get another!). I not only got the new lipbalm, but I saw that China Glaze had a new collection of polishes out. They're called the Crackles. Similar to OPI's Black Shatter, but the CG Crackles come in multiple colors! 6 total!!

I got the light blue color. It's called Crushed Candy, and it reminds me of CG's "For Audrey" polish. The  next time i'm in Ulta I think I may get the grey or white color also.

The obvious differance, that I can see, between the two polishes, is the amount you have to use. With OPI's Shatter you have to put on a generous amount to get a good Shatter going on. So of course I figured i'd have to do the same with the Crackle. When I put a generous amount of the Crackle on, it barely cracked at all! After watching a few reviews on YouTube about the polish, I learned that you have to put on a thinner coat of CG's Crackle to make a decent crack!
I'd have to say that it's China Glaze Crackle for the win! Using less polish to get the crackle effect is better than having to drown my nails in polish just to get the shattered look. Plus the Crackles come in 6 different colors!!

While at Ulta I also picked up my EOS Lemon Drop (like I said above) and OPI's Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection.


I haven't tried the Teenage Dream polish yet. I'm going to wear the Crackle for a while, probably till the weekend, and then switch over to Teenage Dream. Maybe i'll see how it looks with Black Shatter over it.
I had  to get another EOS lipbalm. I use the Passion Fruit one every day and I love it! The only other two they had at Ulta were the Lemon Drop or the Mint Chocolate Chip. I'm not big on mint, so lemon was my next choice. I love this one just as much as the passion fruit!