Friday, March 4, 2011

Let the countdown begin!

A 'looking down' view of my belly. Hello down there, baby! ♥

Only 99  more days till my c-section and baby Alex will be here! I get more and more nervous every day! The whole idea of having another c-section, and him finally being out. I'll be a mommy to a newborn again! Hopefully Kota will adjust quickly!! I'm sure he'll be a great big brother!!
Kota's napping right now, but once he gets up we're going to Once Upon A Child. I'm going to get him some new summer clothes and try to find a swing for Alex.

I didn't find a swing I liked at OUAC. I ended up going to Babies R Us. They had a really cute Graco swing on sale. It was the display model. It was originally $150, it was on sale for $96. I really liked it and decided to get it. At the register the woman scanned it and it actually came up $69!!! Awesomeness!!! :-D Once I got it home Kota was really excited and wanted to try it out. I let him get in it and swing for a few minutes. When I finally made him get out he threw a fit! I don't have anywhere else to keep the swing since Alex's room hasn't been built yet, so it's hanging out in Kota's closet for now.

My big boy lookin adorable in his little brother's swing!