Friday, March 25, 2011

Single momma's unite!

So i'm officially a single mommy  now. For months i've been telling my boyfriend (Alex's dad) that things aren't working between us. But being the psycho delusional guy he is, he would never listen to me. So today, again, I sat him down and told him I was unhappy and that things weren't working between us. So he simply said "Ok, i'll move out this weekend". He came home after work today, got his shit, and left. Easy as that. I was kind of taken back at how easy it was for him to just leave. He was nothing but a bum who mooched off me and my parents anyway. He moved into my house without being asked and never paid a single bill. He had me and my parents paying for everything for him, even though he was working fulltime. I've had enough. I'm glad he's gone. It's just strange being here by myself. Well, just me and my little boy.
I think tomorrow i'm going to go to my first movie by myself. I've never been to the movie theater alone. But I really REALLY want to see Sucker Punch! No one else wants to see it, so fuck it, i'll go by myself!

And now you all my bask in the glory of my giant preggo belly: